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Daughters | You Won’t Get What You Want | Album Review

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Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

 After a lengthy hiatus and an eight-year gap between full-length releases, noise rock band Daughters put out their most stylistically adventurous album yet, You Won’t Get What You Want.

Although the group officially reunited in 2015, it took until this year for them to release full material, an eon since their prior release, 2010’s Daughters. Hence, fans and critics have been quick to sing the praises of this record.

You Won’t Get What You Want is explosive. It demonstrates the group’s ultimate departure from their original grindcore style without losing the animosity of their work from that era. From bombastic blast beats in “The Flammable Man” to hypnotizing drones in “City Song” and “Long Road, No Turns,” Daughters is able to expertly capture central themes of insanity and anxiety.

An assortment of aggressive guitar tones and maniacal solos reinforce these thematic feelings, particularly in songs like “The Reason They Hate Me” and “Guest House.” Moreover, the usage of repetitive lyrical phrases like “Is something burning here, or is it me?” in “The Flammable Man” further develop the record’s viciousness.

It isn’t just primal riffage that’s found on You Won’t Get What You Want, however. The band creates tender moments on cuts like “Less Sex” and “Daughter” by stripping down the intensity of the band to a simple groove with fully fleshed clean guitar and sparkly synthesizers, especially on the latter track.

The album’s production is an absolute beast, as well. “Satan in the Wait” showcases booming drums and thunderous bass that contrast with flourishing guitar strums toward the end of the track. This track stands out, but this deep, intimate quality of sound fortifies the restlessness of the whole record.

Daughters break back into the hardcore scene with their most artistically significant record to date, You Won’t Get What You Want.

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