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Young the Giant | Mirror Master | Album Review

Elektra Records
Rating: 4 out of 5

Young the Giant’s newest album takes a reflective look rather than focusing on the big picture issues addressed in their previous albums. Mirror Master is a vulnerable discussion on life’s darkest moments.

In an interview with Billboard, lead singer Sameer Ghadia stressed how personal the album is. Instead of providing their commentary on a broad issue, like living in America in their 2016 album Home of the Strange, Ghadia explained that Mirror Master calls listeners to examine each version of themselves.

The album isn’t afraid to discuss issues of mental health. Tracks like “Darkest Shade of Blue” and “Panoramic Girl” tackle the concepts of feeling disconnected from a true sense of self. Every word Ghadia speaks is excruciatingly honest. As he sings, “You’re not alone anymore / I’m here with you,” he offers a hand to those in the depths of anxiety and depression; it’s genuine.

On a broad scale, Mirror Master addresses the issue of personal identity. As Ghadia warns, “Oh my lord, you’ve never left the mirror / You were never ever free,” it feels as though he is calling for self-examination. Is this the life listeners want to be living? The quickly paced lyrics stress the point: decisions to better oneself need to be made—now.

Each Young the Giant album seems to have a different leading component for their sound. This album operates with the “less is more” philosophy, pushing the focus on the lyrics rather than their typical heavy guitar riffs and synths. Simple drum beats and guitar chords unite the album, drawing listeners to listen to each word.

Mirror Master calls listeners to be the director of their own movie. They’re the star. They decide. Each track feels fresh while discussing popular topics, leaving a sense of inspiration hanging in the air to become the master of the mirror.


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