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Photo Credit: Genessa Gutzait · The Sentry

A Feast For Kings (A Parody)

This week, we are discussing sports. Sports in general. The Broncos are depressing… I think. Their season has been one for the books—a whopping standing of three wins and six losses. Their next game against the Chargers on the 18th, whose record stands tall at 6-2, will make for one Thanksgiving special.

The Broncos defense is defensive, and their offense is offensive, and the best thing they can do is to restore their image before their time is up. The season is coming to a chilling close halfway through the season. It’s a game of life or death, and we are unsure who will come out of the feast as king. 

The Rockies played a lot of games. I don’t know why baseball is so long. The season just ended apparently. They ended their season with a 91-72 record for the 2018 season.

Moving on to basketball, or as I like to call it, LeBron James.  No surprise that the Golden State Warriors are leading the Western Conference 10-1 at the start of this season. But the Nuggets are holding their own trailing the Warriors 9-1, so that’s exciting. Who will end up being the belle of the ball?

Corey McGarver, Jamal Shawnson, LaBall Ball, Jorak Nolan, Vlad Czberachski, Stephen Curry, John “LaCrack” Wilson.  While the feast is still beginning, it’s too soon to tell who will bring home the crown. 

I remember when I went to a game; it brought back a lot of memories. I saw the field, the players, the lights that lit up the stadium. They scored a point for the team and I was very proud. I was captivated, and it made me want to write about sports forever. It changed my life. Legacies make legends, and they will always walk the halls of fame. Each field is a playground, and it seems only the dominant prevail. 

No one looks at sports from the ball’s point of view. Every day it gets thrown around by sweaty hands. It is expected to be accurate and precise.  Everyone is hungry for the ball; they have to be if they want to come out victorious, but only one will get the turkey leg. 

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