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Another Lost Season

Bad teams find ways to lose games. 

The Broncos have kept it close against three division leaders, only losing by an av erage of four points in games against the Rams, Chiefs, and Texans. But make no mistake about it: The Broncos are absolutely a bad team.

Moral victories count for nothing in the NFL, and hypotheticals matter even less. The Broncos outplayed three of the best teams in the NFL, could’ve beat the AFC West kingpin Chiefs twice, but were inventive in finding ways to throw away each and every one. 

In the first showdown against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, the Broncos were a 2nd and 30 and a Mahomes left-handed throw away from shocking the Chiefs on primetime; in their second matchup in Arrowhead, despite being dominated for a majority of the game, the Broncos were down only 10 points with 12 minutes to go in the fourth quarter and were driving. Turnover-phile Case Keenum then managed to turn over the ball two times, allowing KC to drain the clock and finish the season sweep.

Most recently, the Broncos were driving only two points down against the Texans. With more than 40 seconds, the Broncos had the ball within the edge of field goal range, with one timeout. Common sense and just about every coach worth their salt would have ran as many plays as possible to put their kicker in the best possible position to win the game—the Broncos aren’t exactly into conventional wisdom. Instead, they only ran two plays that only went for five yards and were content to drain the clock, believing a 50-yard-kick would be simple for kicker Brandon McManus. It wasn’t. He missed his second of the night, and the Broncos fell again in heart-wrenching fashion. 

The loss against the Texans was frustrating for more than one reason. The “hard fought” loss may have yet again extended lifelines to head coach, Vance Joseph, and quarterback, Keenum. But at this point, we know who they are. Joseph is the coach who remains clueless in the game’s biggest moments, and Keenum cannot be trusted with the football. 

Heading into their bye week at 3-6, again in the AFC West gutter, it’s time to move on.

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