Gaming Goat opens its doors in Denver

Gaming Goat owners Mike Pollmann and Sylvia Geiger. Photo: Taelar Johansen · The Sentry

Gaming Goat owners Mike Pollmann and Sylvia Geiger.
Photo: Taelar Johansen · The Sentry
New board game and RPG store hopes to create  local community

Attention to all game lovers, from the novice to the die-hard nerd. The Littleton area had a grand opening for Colorado’s first Gaming Goat on Saturday, Oct. 20. Gaming Goat is a franchise of the largest tabletop gaming retail chain in the world and a “national leader in board gaming, tradable card games, and gaming supplies,” according to their website.

For the opening day, the store hosted several raffles of various games starting at 1 p.m. with a new raffle starting at every hour until 7 p.m. Those who shared the Facebook event gained an entry to the raffle,  and coming to the store during the event gained patrons another entry.

To keep the fun going, the store had several game demos running for people to come have fun with their family and friends while playing games they knew or trying completely different ones. 

Gaming Goat carries ever popular titles such as Dungeons & Dragons and Settlers of Catan, to fun party games like Monopoly and Codenames. There were even several accessory items for many of them, from expansion decks to customizable figurines and guides. 

Entering the store elicits the same feelings that a kid would have when entering Toys “R” Us. Fortunately, it’s more than just a store; it is a location for the gaming community to gather and bond over shared interests. 

An important aspect to the store is their pricing model because it allows them to offer competitive prices in a day and age where gaming of any kind can get quite expensive. Deals at the store include 20-30 percent off MSRP on all board games, miniature games, and role-playing games. 

The store also includes a plethora of demo games available for customers to get introduced to new games.

The coolest thing about this local Gaming Goat is its themed room for group gaming sessions. It provides an ambience reminiscent of old school taverns thanks to its wooden furniture, exposed wooden beams, and hunting trophies that are all illuminated by candle-mimicking light bulbs. It’s a great service to offer because of how it helps get players into the role-playing mindset. Another piece of good news is that there is currently a second group gaming room under construction. 

As well as being located next to a King Soopers, Baskin Robbins, and Subway, the store currently has a fountain drink machine and will soon have candy and other general concessions to offer. Returning customers may also purchase a Gaming Goat mug that will provide them with free refills. With all these amenities, there’s no need to go thirsty or hungry during intense gaming sessions.

In the age of online shopping, the Gaming Goat’s true value lies in hosting weekly events to encourage locals to come out and play regardless of if it’s a solo, duo, or group situation. Also, they are actively seeking judges for competitive games like Magic! The Gathering and for individuals to lead RPG game sessions.

Gaming Goat
6750 S Pierce St
(720) 536-8760

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