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Daily Archives: November 7, 2018

Love Never Dies but maybe it should

A Broadway sequel that pleases almost no one Coney Island, 1910. Hidden among the sea of freaks and sideshows is a place called Phantasma, run by a mysterious man known as Mister Y. This tormented soul opens the show with a lament about his long-lost

Blade Runner vs Blade Runner 2049

Cyberpunk 1001: Blade Runner Opinion by guest contributor Max Maioli Few films are more synonymous with their genre than Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982). By taking the familiar tropes of 40s and 50s film noir, mixing them with Philip K. Dick’s philosophical genius, and adding

The Plot Thickens

Adventures in Laundry-ing The machine won’t accept my debit card even though there’s money in my account. I can’t refill my laundry card, and there’s only 50 cents left on it, so I can’t start the dryer. I’ve already got clothes in the washing machine,

Guest column

I was recently taught, in class, the formal definition of the word “deviant.” It’s a word with connotation, but it still describes me. I obviously wasn’t, like, a criminal growing up or dressing in a fursuit or anything that people usually call deviant, but I was,

The Metro State of Jazz

Metro Jazz at King Center On Tuesday, Oct. 23, Metro State hosted its first round of student Jazz Combo performances at the Auraria Campus’ own King Center Concert Hall. Featuring two ensembles directed by Ron Miles and Shane Endsley, the event provided a memorable showcase

Breaking new ground in Denver’s hip-hop scene

Ground Broken  discusses collaboration and local vibe Ground Broken, consisting of Producer Surreal (David Lesperance) and Lyricist Escro (Rembert Hann), both CU Denver students, is a musical movement in hip-hop that has produced a lot of influence in the Denver area. When asked about who

Gaming Goat opens its doors in Denver

New board game and RPG store hopes to create  local community Attention to all game lovers, from the novice to the die-hard nerd. The Littleton area had a grand opening for Colorado’s first Gaming Goat on Saturday, Oct. 20. Gaming Goat is a franchise of


A Feast For Kings (A Parody) This week, we are discussing sports. Sports in general. The Broncos are depressing… I think. Their season has been one for the books—a whopping standing of three wins and six losses. Their next game against the Chargers on the

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

How Denver public art is being affected by gentrification Denver is covered with murals and various pieces of that provide tourists and locals alike with great photo opportunities. They’re beautiful, colorful, and it takes obvious talent to create them. And while they make great additions