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Photo illustration: Genessa Gutzait The Sentry

As midterms begin to come to a close and fall break looms evermore temptingly over our heads, SGA has continued to move forward with our initiatives. With a significant portion of updates coming from out Senators in recent weeks, the scope of SGA’s initiative list has increased significantly!

Most pressingly, Student Outreach Week will occur in November. This week promises SGA members going out into student spaces and accumulating data on the pressing student issues. These issues will be digitally recorded and quantified such that the most salient issues will be addressed directly through initiatives. This means that if you have experienced any hiccups in your collegiate experience, tell us in detail! This could be anything from Wi-Fi problems to advising mishaps.

The Auraria Transcend Retreat will occur Jan. 25-27. This social justice focused retreat will have SGA members present, but we encourage all student to register and join us in learning about the privileges we bring into everyday spaces. These sorts of conversations are consistently considered the highlights of student’s careers in college so please take some time to look into it with us!

The Auraria Homeless and Hunger Awareness Day will be Nov. 14 on campus! This event will have free food (always a plus) but more importantly will create important dialogues about the pressing issues of student homelessness on college campuses. According to University data, approximately 10 percent of students at CU Denver have experienced homelessness since they’ve begun school here. This event will serve as a space to share personal stories and to learn how to help this issue.

The Senate also recently passed the Visualynx Art ADHO, which seeks to facilitate campus art and innovation on campus. If you have any ideas for bringing the ideas of student artists, engineers, or other creative types to campus at large, reach out to us at Tivoli 301 above the Starbucks! This committee will offer a means for student creativity to manifest itself into sculptures, murals, or other ideas all over campus.

Otherwise, we wish you nothing but the best over break!

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