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Kim Petras | Turn Off the Light Vol. 1 | Album Review

BunHead Records
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

The newest release and first official EP from German popstar Kim Petras proves to be a fun soundtrack for club-like Halloween parties but sorely misses the mark for anything other than that. Turn Off the Light, Vol. 1, released on Sept. 30, just in time for the beginning of the Halloween season, becomes confusing for listeners at times. 

The eight-song EP starts off with a song entitled “o m e n.” The track starts with what most would expect from a Halloween-inspired EP; an arpeggiated chord progression in the upper registers of the piano creates the eerie vibes that propel the record. However, not much else happens besides a synthesized chord progression and overly auto-tuned vocals. 

In fact, half of the album uses filler-like songs that are just eerie synth-heavy instrumental tracks that would have much more potential if lyrics had been written for them. Given Petras’ vocal skills, the lack of actual lyrical tracks on the record leaves the listener confused and makes the record feel lazy and rushed. 

Petras’ vocal tracks prove to be the more fun and interesting listens off the album. Despite the auto-tune being a touch overused, the lyrical tracks like “Close Your Eyes” and “Tell Me It’s a Nightmare” illustrate the darker side of bubble gum pop that Petras was seemingly shooting for. She takes notes from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster

“Tell Me It’s a Nightmare” stands to be one of the better tracks off the EP. Petras makes dark themes catchy with lyrics like “Be careful when you love me / I’m only out for blood.” Sinister words pair with synth-heavy instrumentals and a quick tempo, making the song fabulously danceable. 

Turn Off the Light, Vol. 1 makes for a strange and confusing album. While a few songs that feature Petras’ impeccable vocals stand out as gems, the instrumental tracks lack potential for much more than a Halloween party soundtrack.

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