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Logic | YSIV | Album Review

Visionary / Def Jam
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Five years after the release of Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever, Logic released his fourth and final installment of the Young Sinatra series, Young Sinatra IV (YSIV). 

The album assembles a wide variation of up-tempo beats, producing an uplifting and positive tone that overshadows Logic’s complex lyricism. The different variations of beat and tempo, however, don’t hold their consistency throughout the entirety of the album. In a span of 12 minutes, tracks “Everybody Dies,” “The Return,” and “The Glorious Five” comprise a repetitive progression of a high, steady pitch and heavy percussion. Each has a different introduction, one with jazzy trumpets while another contains the low vibrant sound of a guitar, only to then transition into a melody that is composed of the same thing.

The lyrical knowledge that Logic possesses in YSIV is competent and complex. The lyrics are comprehensible and flow fluently with the melody, yet the meaning can get worn out. In “Wu-Tang Forever,” Logic tries to match the Wu’s flow of rap in a funky way; instead, there is too much being said, and the meaning is strained and never felt.

Logic is known for small skits taking place throughout his music. Take his studio album The Incredible True Story for example; it contains three, one to two-minute skits after every two to three songs. YSIV takes a different approach. The skits are, instead, incorporated into songs, interrupting the flow created between the lyrics and music. The final track, “Last Call,” has an overly long runtime of 10 minutes, containing an unpleasing blend of musical lyrics and nonchalant dialogue.

YSIV is lengthy, amassing a runtime of over an hour and 28 minutes while only having 14 tracks. The album does hold some solid potential with well-produced songs like “One Day” and “Ordinary Day” but lacks the consistency that Logic has maintained in the past.

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