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Unlike Pluto | Mosh Pit | Single Review


Unlike Pluto’s new single, “Mosh Pit,” reminisces about his love of going to hardcore shows and is the newest addition to the EP The Pluto Tapes. The song is another experimental step outside of his typical sound, but the telling lyrics, coupled with hypnotic instruments and pulsing rhythms, relay lurking familiarity. The song begins muffled with warped guitar chords and a reverberating beat quickly leading into softer tweaks of a guitar and a breathy voice singing, “Another Friday where the freaks hide / Another venue where we can unwind.” Both the warped and softer chords recur throughout the song in smooth subsequent timing, twining harmonically into the vocals. “Mosh Pit” is a successful experimentation of contrasting instrumental and vocal sounds that promise euphonic nostalgia.

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