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The Call of the Void

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Paranormal Activity

If you haven’t watched the Buzzfeed Unsolved documentary series, I highly recommend it. Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej take you into the world of the supernatural and explore true crime cases that take you on an adventure of fright and terror from the infamous Jack the Ripper to the ghoul hauntings of the Wayward Asylum.

Mind my shameless plug, but what I like about the Unsolved series is its exploration of the unknown from the perspectives of a true believer of the supernatural (Ryan Bergara) and from a cynical skeptic who believes in nothing but the facts and science (Shane Madej).

It is because of these contradicting angles to each story that I fell in love with the Unsolved series. Because, sometimes, they uncover evidence that traces back to the world of the unknown, but other times, the evidence is simply mere coincidence. 

Which brings me to my main point: I am currently being haunted in my waking life. I think from the beginning I moved into my dorm room that there was something off. In the beginning, doors would open and I would feel a strange presence and whispers in the night.

Now it has escalated. My candles flicker out even though there is no trace of breath or wind, and papers print from my roommate’s printer even though the only way to access her printer is through USB drive. 

As a skeptic and a believer, I toe the line of looking to reason and science to find out why these things are happening and religiously believing there is someone or something from another world haunting me. Maybe I’m sleep deprived and hearing and seeing things; maybe someone may have been able to connect to the printer wirelessly; maybe the candle ran out of wax. All sound reasons.

But that feeling of someone or something being near you makes a believer out of me. For that, I can’t find any answers.

Whatever it is, this case will remain unsolved.

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