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Hoodie Allen’s traveling circus comes to town

Allen gives wild show at Cervantes’ Other Side

In the heart of Denver’s Five Points neighborhood, Hoodie Allen took the stage for an electrifying set at Cervantes’ Other Side on Sept. 27. The New York native’s set kicked off with an effortless circus-sounding track to parallel the circus theme of the small-scale tour that enabled Allen to meet with every fan that purchased a ticket to the show. 

The circus intro quickly transitioned into a hit track off Allen’s first EP, All American. “Eighteen Cool” proved to be the perfect opener as the crowd fluently screamed along to the lyrics, all the while performing along with the most well-known line in the song “middle finger to the dudes back in high school.”    

Allen promptly shifted into the next number with perhaps one of his most quickly recognized tracks that features the impeccable talent of Ed Sheeran. “All About It” riled the crowd up into a frenzy as the pit eloquently recited every lyric perfectly in time with Allen on the small stage in front of them. 

Allen immediately snatched up the mic to praise the crowd for how rambunctious they had managed to be over the course of the first two songs of the night. The night hastily progressed as Allen performed multiple songs from his free mixtape, Happy Camper, released in 2016. Both songs performed from Allen’s second studio album features fan favorite Blackbear

Once again, fitting the theme of his “Hanging with Hoodie Tour,” Allen left part of the initially picked set list up to the fans. After his scorching performance of “Surprise Party,” Allen introduced a wheel of song choices, prizes, and of course punishments, like being kicked out of the show. A fan was pulled on stage to spin the wheel; the wheel spiraled around its axis and the crowd nervously awaited the fate of the fan onstage.

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The wheel favorably landed on a category that allowed the band to choose the song performed next. Allen elected to play an aged song from his 2011 mixtape Leap Year, “#WhiteGirlProblems.” 

The rapper swiftly worked his way through his varying set list, playing fan favorite songs like “Two Lips” as well as a cover of Post Malone’s “Stay” in honor of the recent passing of Mac Miller

Allen quickly brought the temperature of the night back up with a fiery performance of “All My Friends,” featuring pop punk favorite, State Champs. Despite missing out on the iconic raft crowd surf, the crowd kept the energy alive through the last few songs of the set.

After a quick trivia session with two fans, resulting in a cake to the face of one, Allen kept to the tune of caking fans with his boisterous performance of fan favorite track, “Cake Boy.” 

A few more songs were quickly performed and the band exited the stage, almost instantaneously returning to play Allen’s final two songs for an encore. Perhaps the most widely known songs from Allen, “No Faith in Brooklyn” and “No Interruption,” left the audience howling until the final verse of the show.

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