Denver Hip Hop is all about the Luv

Gavin Romero, Brandyn Romero, Keith Michael Wood Jr., and Angelo Salas. Photo credit: Victoria Moffat · The Sentry

Student-based hip hop group tells their story

LUV, an emerging rap group originating in Colorado, consists of Gee·Cue (Gavin Romero), Oneder Bee (Brandyn Romero), Kee LUV (Keith Michael Wood Jr.), and BIG (Angelo Salas). For LUV, the group began right on the back porch of Mom’s house. The porch has always been a home base. Gee·Cue described it as, “This is where we came together; we would just kick it for hours, talking, smokin’—this was always home.”

Gavin Romero, Brandyn Romero, Keith Michael Wood Jr., and Angelo Salas. Photo credit: Victoria Moffat · The Sentry


The group strives to spread love, to support one another rather than hate. LUV is not just the name of the group; it’s one of their goals. Oneder Bee states, “The initial goal is to put Colorado on the map, a collective of all the Denver artists. I mean, personally, I see every Denver artist talking shit about another one, you know? So, it’s like LUV, this shits all love; there’s no point in beefing. Let’s all put Denver on the map.” 

The night of Sept. 3 marked a year since they had decided to get serious about rap. BIG recalled, “We all linked up to talk about it. We were like, we gotta be serious about this rap shit. We can’t just talk about it anymore.” 

Their music has come a long way since they began but has always explored various topics that venture into darker themes and what they’ve experienced in their lives. The group hopes they can get a message out to whoever’s listening to let them know that they’re not alone and that things will get better. 

Their first music video for the song “LIT” was just released on Sept. 1. The beat plays out a psychedelic trip, using ambiance to create a catchy, if not a little wonky, beat. The video plays through kaleidoscope vision—a perfect match to the song. BIG raps, “Hope you ain’t always livin’ life the rough way / Lookin at the glass half full / Never fill the cup.” Another song, “LUV’17,” features an angelic chorus behind the vocals, creating a transcendental atmosphere that gives way to the emotional story weaved in. Kee LUV raps, “They love you when you’re up, not ever when you’re down.”

Music can have a powerful impact on both someone’s life and their emotions, conveying a message that speaks to their soul at the deepest level. “That’s why I’m in music, I wanna change the world,” Gee·Cue explains, “I wanna change somebody’s life.” 

LUV is full of passion, their lyrics are full of meaning, the songs flow, the beats hit perfectly, and they are striving for love and positivity in the world. The group certainly has a future ahead of them. “We really are brothers, we really love each other, and without people bringing us down, I don’t know if we’d be able to bring each other up,” Gee·Cue states.

LUV’s music is available on Soundcloud and Youtube. Keep an eye out for upcoming concerts and check out their social media @theluvofficial.

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