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Celebrities are entitled to privacy

Illustration: Alex Gomez · The Sentry

If they want secrecy, it should be respected

Just because a person chooses to live a life in the public eye does not mean that every aspect of their life deserves to be dissected. If a celebrity makes a public request for their private life to remain private, that request deserves to be honored. 

On Sept. 26, tabloid magazines like US Weekly were plastered with headlines informing readers that “Rashida Jones Gave Birth to Her First Child Months Ago!” According to the tabloids, Jones gave birth to her son in July and managed to hide both her pregnancy and the birth of her son for two months. 

Jones isn’t the first celebrity to hide major life events from the paparazzi. Over the summer, actress Michelle Williams secretly got married, sparking yet another public outcry. E! News reported on the marriage, describing Williams as “notoriously private.” Even so, in a separate article about Jones’ pregnancy, E! News also deemed Jones and her boyfriend an “ultra-private pair.” It seems as though nobody goes as far as to consider the intentions as to why these women wanted to keep this news out of the grasp of the press. 

While the paparazzi and tabloids are able to recognize Williams’ and Jones’ desire for privacy, they fail to respect that decision. Instead of attempting to accommodate their requests, both articles explain how E! News reporters had attempted to reach out to the publicists for both women and were unsuccessful to get a response from either. 

Respecting privacy extends beyond a celebrity’s physical life; their digital life should be kept private as well. In 2014, a crew of hackers managed to get access to actress Jennifer Lawrence’s iCloud account and released her nudes online. Lawrence then made a public statement about regarding her privacy stating, “I knew the paparazzi were going to be a reality in my life…. But I didn’t know that I would feel anxiety every time I open my front door.”

Yes, it is a paparazzi’s job to get private intel on celebrities’ lives, but the job of a paparazzi only continues to blur the line of which aspects of celebrities’ lives should be kept from the private eye. When people are used to seeing celebrities in their most private moments, it gives off the impression that the general public is entitled to learning about every facet of a celebrity’s life.

There’s a difference between being friends and genuinely knowing a person. While celebrities are known for being involved with the public, they typically aren’t friends with the general public. However, viral videos of Cara Delevingne greeting fans by name show that some celebrities do not try to distance themselves from their fans. 

Just because some celebrities choose to live a life further away from the spotlight than others does not mean that they don’t like their fans or their celebrity status; it just means that some people choose to protect the personal aspects of their lives.

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