How to stay in shape with a busy schedule

The Wellness Center’s convenient location makes it great for a quick workout. Photo credit Marianna Caicedo · The Sentry

The Wellness Center’s convenient location makes it great for a quick workout.
Photo credit Marianna Caicedo · The Sentry
Easy exercises for those in a hurry

With balancing classes and work alike, most students are going non-stop. It’s easy to fall out of good habits like eating healthy and exercising. However, studies have shown that working out is a big stress relief; it boosts energy levels, stimulates the brain, and helps fight against sickness. All of these benefits show the importance of living an active lifestyle even when bogged down. So, here are some tips to help keep active with a busy schedule.

Hitting the gym isn’t for everyone, but it’s a place that allows students to stay active. Planning ahead is always key in this case. However, that isn’t always possible. In this case, integrating exercises in a routine that is already set is also an idea. 

For example, getting an exercise ball and bouncing on it while typing up papers is a simple way to add more movement. Another idea is to do light stretches while watching Netflix or videos on YouTube. Combining entertainment with exercise time will allow for more focus on classes or jobs afterward. 

A lot can be done with a list of exercises that don’t require weights or that only need a dumbbell or two, such as pushups, any variation of planks, lunges, and squats which can also be done with a dumbbell or a kettlebell clutched close to the chest. Dumbbell curls, or any type of work with those weights, like lawn mower pulls, are beneficial.

One of the easier plans is to incorporate movements throughout the day. The little things do really matter and add up. 

For instance, taking the longer path to any destination is a quick and easy way to add more exercise into the day. Simple things like parking farther away or taking the stairs instead of the elevator can be beneficial, even if time is an issue. One plus of having a big campus is that there is more of an excuse to walk. 

CU Denver has a brand new Wellness Center that is included in students’ tuition. It has plenty of active things to do such as lifting weights, rock climbing, sports, and even creating a wellness plan with a professional.

By adding outings or hangouts that are more physical and require walking around the city or campus, being active can be a breeze. One could go to the 16th Street Mall to check out the stores or the entertainers that are down there. More athletic and outdoorsy people can embrace both exercise and nature with a hike.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be a means to have fun.

Even though homework may be piling up and work needs to be done, there is always time to stay active. It might take a little preparation, but it will be worth it in the end.

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