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6lack | East Atlanta Love Letter | Album Review

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Rating: 4 out of 5

Emerging as one of today’s hottest rappers, 6lack released his second studio album, East Atlanta Love Letter, on Sept. 14. Featuring guest artists Future, Offset, J. Cole, and Khalid, 6lack and company continue their success in the R&B, hip hop, and soul genres of music.

6lack’s music has a depressing feel. However, it is very calm and soothing. From the teardrop vocals of “Unfair” to the swaying tempo of “Stan”, each song produces a different form of quality, low-tempo beats. In soul music, you typically hear a smooth and soft voice flowing through the melody of a song. In 6lack’s variation, he produces music with a raspy voice that flows perfectly through a song’s progression that reveals something that is fresh and new to today’s musical era. 

His life’s story that was started back in 2016 in the album Free 6lack is continued. In an interview with Highsnobiety he explained: “Free 6lack was about everything I’d been through up to that point; the follow-up is an update on what’s going on in my life now.”

In the album’s title song featuring Future, the two artists collaborate in a slow, mellow-tempo beat, referring to music as a female. It’s a song full of comparisons on how 6lack is dealing with an uncertain relationship with a woman. Songs like “Let Her Go” and “Disconnect” follow similar repetition of the calm and slow heartbreaking tempo. In “Disconnect,” he says, “You’da made Cupid aim away,” stating personally that it’s not always his fault for love being lost; instead, it goes both ways.

Overall, 6lack offers a new perspective of music to the modern age. Given that it implies a depressing feel to the mind, it’s an uplifting album that shows music’s change and creativity in different genres of music.

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