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Photo illustration: Genessa Gutzait The Sentry

As the semester progresses, your Student Government Association representatives hope that all is going well at school and that classes are manageable so far.

However, if things were always perfect, there would be no need for representatives to actively make life better for students. Because school and life at large can devolve into being overwhelming, we, as your representatives on campus, would like to invite you to come speak with us in the Student Government Office at Tivoli #301 so we can work through these issues together.

On top of listening to student concerns, student government representatives are working on a myriad of initiatives and projects themselves. The movement to increase the on-campus minimum wage to $13 an hour has reached the level of higher administration. As of this moment, people from the Vice Chancellor of Student Development’s financial team are crunching numbers to see how this will impact the university.

Student Government’s goal of increasing community engagement has been an enormous success so far with the Senate at large attending Lynx Day of Service, serving non-profits across the Denver Metro area including the Ronald McDonald House and Planned Parenthood as well as many others.

The Wellness AD HOC committee has begun to plan for the Wellness Fair on Oct. 10, which is designed to bring resources regarding wellness that already exist on campus to students, but the fair will also allow students to enjoy some free food and unwind in between classes.

Furthermore, Senators are striving toward bringing compost bins to spaces in the Tivoli to generate more renewable disposable waste sites for students, faculty, and staff.

Additionally, the Office of Student Life has hired its first full-time professional staff member to oversee Greek Life on campus. Courtney Kristan officially started in this new role on Oct. 1 and we are deeply excited to assist her in bringing communities to campus that match the commitments to diversity and inclusion advocated for by Student Government throughout this process.

We wish you all the best going into midterms, and until then, please come by the office to talk to us!

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