Pirate Fest

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The City of Northglenn’s Pirate Fest is an event not to be missed. It packs in all the fun of a Renaissance Festival, but with pirates! Located at EB Rains Jr. Memorial Park in Northglenn, this event has something that appeals to all ages, including the cardboard boat regatta, face painting, a costume contest, a science show hosted by Captain One-Eyed jack, a sideshow circus, and all the mischievous things a pirate might enjoy. Lining the walkways of the park were tents that held treasures of a time long past. One vendor sold a wide range of tankards perfect for a glass of mead, while another sold T-shirts with phrases like “Kiss Me, I’m Irish.” Children ran around with balloon swords crafted by the numerous ballooners that wandered the park. Dressing the part was heavily encouraged, and many attendees braved the heatwave decked out in an outfit that belonged on the high seas and not a park in Colorado. Food options ranged from Japanese inspired bamboo skewers to the traditional turkey leg. There were also cooler options like shaved ice or the local Em’s Ice Cream. All in all, it was a perfect way to spend a Saturday with friends or family.

For more information and dates for next year, visit thepiratefest.com.

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