The Neighbourhood | Ever Changing | Album Review

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The fresh release from California natives, The Neighbourhood, takes fans back to the group’s acclaimed mixtape #000000 & #FFFFFF from 2014. Straight off their self-titled third album released in March, the newest and highly anticipated EP from The Neighbourhood, Ever Changing, was released on Sept. 21.

Ever Changing immediately brings fans back to the black and white mixtape with heavy hip hop influences in “Kill Us All (feat. Denzel Curry).” “Kill Us All” takes notes from Run the Jewels featured songs straight off the Baby Driver soundtrack. Because of the heavy influence from Curry, lead singer Jesse Rutherford is overshadowed throughout the track, abundant with lines from Curry. 

  Rutherford’s candy-coated vocals make their way back in the single off the EP. “Living in a Dream (feat. Nipsey Hussle)” is a surprisingly exceptional change of tune from The Neighbourhood’s typical somber lyrics. The track starts with Rutherford serenading fans with “Living in a dream / Where everybody loves me.” The shift in The Neighbourhood’s typical mood makes “Living in a Dream” the most notable song off the EP. 

Ever Changing quickly progresses back to songs off the fan-favorite black and white mixtape. With songs like “Beat Take 1 (feat. Ghostface Killah)” and “Beautiful Oblivion (Feat. IDK)” listeners are quickly reminded of the innate ability for the group to effortlessly move throughout various genres.

Perhaps the most routine sounding song, “Paradise” showcases the whole bands vocal and instrumental ability and takes fans back to the quintessential wistful lyrics like The Neighbourhood’s I Love You or Wiped Out! records. “Paradise” features the silky-smooth instrumental sound and  heavy guitar for which The Neighbourhood is most known. 

The Neighbourhood’s Ever Changing treats fans with plenty of gems perfect for making listeners feel like taking an end of summer drive down the California coast.

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