Denver International Airport embraces conspiracies

Construction zone signs are reveling in the airport's public perception. Photo courtesy of

Construction zone signs are reveling in the airport’s public perception.
Photo courtesy of
Construction signs are more than meets the eyes

The Denver International Airport is under construction and having a fun time trolling people with conspiracy-filled construction signs. 

Many Denverites believe that DIA is hiding quite a few secrets—making people wonder what truly is going on in the airport. 

The $650 to $770 million renovation to the airport’s Great Hall has caused the erection of walls to keep people out of the construction sites. On these walls, in Jeppesen Terminal, are posters that poke fun at the conspiracy theories. 

The signs feature space aliens, gargoyles, and the satanic blue horse that creeps along the highway with laser eyes, forgoing the signs that usually bring caution to the situation. 

One sign reads, “Since the airport’s opening in 1995, there have been endless rumors and theories. People say our underground tunnels lead to secret meeting facilities for the world elite. Our blue horse is thought to be cursed. Some believe we are connected to the New World Order, the Freemasons, and are home to lizard people.”

Another one jokes, “What are we creating? A) More space for interesting artwork. B) A better airport experience. C) Zombie cat lairs.”

None of the signs directly address the conspiracy theories or deny whether or not they are true. Rather they all say, “Learn the truth at,” a website which lists every theory.

This is not the first time DIA has mentioned its conspiracy theories. Since 2016, they have featured exhibits about the most controversial theories and hosted events themed to their many alleged conspiracies.

According to, one of the conspiracy theories stipulates that the airport was built by the New World Order. A dedication marker that is planted above a time capsule planned to be opened in 2094 mentions an organization called the “New World Airport Commission”—an organization that has never been proven to exist. This, of course, has led many to believe that the lluminati were in some way involved in the construction of the airport and likely still use it as a base of operations. also includes helpful information about the renovations and tips on how to navigate around the construction zones.

The construction is happening in phases and is planned to be completed around 2021. The walls plastered with the signs will only be up for the first phase.

With the construction going on, there is no way to access north security from south security on level six. This is where many passengers check in and currently there are only two ways to get from north to south. The first is to exit the airport and walk around the construction and then re-enter. The second is to go down a level, walk around the baggage claim, and go back up. 

The first phase of construction will be ending in the summer of 2019 and the signs will go with it.

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