The Call of the Void

Photo Credit: Genessa Gutzait · The Sentry

Photo Credit: Genessa Gutzait · The Sentry
Antiques Roadshow

Everyone who has a grandparent knows that their grandpa or grandma’s house has a particular smell. It could be fresh-baked cookies or really strong perfume or cologne that you can physically taste.

For me, this smell is stale cigarettes and old Colombian coffee. And every time I go thrift shopping or antiquing, I am reminded of that old person smell. Not just the old coffee and stale cigarettes but a mix of that and the really strong perfume/cologne. I love it. 

I believe there is an art to thrifting and antiquing. It’s good to scout and experiment with different places, seeing what they have and if they offer a good distribution of home goods and clothing.

A good day of thrifting involves you leaving with a pile of stuff you know you don’t need, but you know you spent a grand total of $15, so it’s worth it. A good day of antiquing is leaving with a haunted possession that terrorizes your waking life until you’re the next inspiration for Stephen King or James Wan. It’s never happened to me yet, but one can hope. Kidding. But if you’re into that, hey, I’m not one to judge. 

But in all seriousness, I really do believe in the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I think it’s cool to go to an antique store and find something that was once a part of someone’s life but not treasured enough for them to keep. There’s just something beautiful in giving meaning to something that someone declared no longer had value.

Or, in my case, finding a receipt inside a jacket pocket and finding out the previous owner was a chain smoker who bought three packs of Camel cigarettes at 7-Eleven. Still very cool to say the least. I hope they’re doing well. 

With the season of fall just beginning, all I have to show for it is a newly thrifted pile of flannels and pullovers, and I have never been more excited to wear them. So, whoever got rid of that Eddie Bauer gray pullover, I just want to say, thanks.


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