I Am All That I Need/Arroyo Seco/Thumbprint Scar | Fleet Foxes | Music Video Review

Nonesuch Records Inc.

At times intimate, choral, weird, and thought-provoking, Fleet Foxes’ new video is worth the wait. Crack Up, the album from which the songs hail, is a much more eclectic and less tight album than their two previous ones, in part because it is far more of a group effort. This video keeps a lot of that eclecticism, mashing together abstraction, gorgeous cinematography, and subtle vintage treatments to convey a new layer of weird for the musical elements. The imagery of the main character encountering abstract cubes as obstacles interspersed with his running in desert mountainscapes deftly underscores the musical and emotional jumps, allowing the viewer room to tie it together with their own experience and nostalgia.

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