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Tune Yards | Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) | Single Review


Tune Yards’ cover of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” starts off funky. Compared to the original’s chilling but soothing tempo, there’s a rather lighter atmosphere of fresh beats and vocals that are produced throughout the run-time of the song. Yet it does get very busy in the background midway through the song’s progression. Too many instruments and sounds create needless noise and the vocals become overshadowed and lost. Nonetheless, Tune Yards’ experiment turned out alright. The song is fresh and different but lacked consistency. The funky beat flowed smoothly, but when the chorus and instruments were introduced, it became busy and didn’t hold up to the momentum that was being delivered. “Sweet Dreams” is a good song to jam out to, but it could have been even better with some minor adjustments to the amount of noise in some areas.

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