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Three Days at Greenmount

This weekend, my favorite artist, Alex Clare, released a new album. Unfortunately, this album didn’t include new music, only acoustic covers of songs from his previous three albums. Fortunately, it was completely worth the wait, which was about two years.

With Three Days at Greenmount, Clare completely reinvents himself. As it stands, Clare’s style has changed a bit over the years. He began as an electronic and synth-heavy musician with his debut, moved to a folk/jazz/rock fusion with his second LP (my personal favorite; Three Hearts), then settled on an electronic and traditional rock-based album with his third release.

There is no point to this column other than to say how much I’ve been enjoying things on a musical front (as compared to other personal events) and to promote Alex Clare to a wider audience. I feel like I’m paying respects to an artist who has been there for me through the past seven years of my life. Don’t worry, even though I’ve used his music in emotional times, I won’t tell a sob story.

I discovered him in seventh grade, thanks to one of my best friends, and he just sort of stuck. I saw him in concert in Atlanta my sophomore year of high school but chickened out when I got the chance to talk to him. I’ve also managed to turn both of my ex-boyfriends onto his music, which I can always count as at least one good thing that came out of those relationships.

If I had to choose a favorite Alex Clare song, it would be “Relax My Beloved.” On his debut album, the song is an excellent example of how to do pop right. On Greenmount, the song is without a doubt the best track as the acoustic version is breathtaking.

It’s about a relationship that is breaking down from continuous fighting. As the couple is about to collapse under their own weight, Clare reminds his partner of his true feelings and that he’ll always be there for them. I find this incredibly touching and hopeful as it’s something I’ve never experienced myself (I’ve come close) but am not sure that I want to. Even if I did, at least I know I’d have the music of Alex Clare to get me through.

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