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Tash Sultana | Flow State | Album Review

Lonely Lands Records
Rating: 3 out of 4 stars


Melbourne-based entertainer and busker Tash Sultana gives listeners an insight to her boundless talent with debut album Flow State. Flow State, released on Aug. 31, kicks off with a subtle and relaxed intro with “Seed” to ease audiences into Sultana’s eccentric style


Flow State quickly progresses into bass-heavy tracks like “Big Smoke.” The studio edition of “Big Smoke” sounds immensely different than Sultana’s previously released live version of the song. Both variations of the song ultimately give listeners a glimpse into Sultana’s raw talent, the studio version revealing Sultana’s immense production ability. 

Sultana’s debut work delivers audiences with a ‘staycation’ through the pleasant and carefree attitude presented in “Cigarettes.” Sultana coos, “I’m on a permanent vacation to the soul / And I don’t feel like working my fingers to the bone / And I fly like the bird above all of the bullshit.” 

Flow State features some of Sultana’s previous work like “Murder to the Mind” and previously released single “Mystik.”  However, the newly released songs from Sultana are the gems of the album. “Seven” gives audiences a taste of Sultana’s innate talent with the various 20 instruments she performs with. The solely instrumental track, despite lacking Sultana’s whimsical voice, is still an engaging and compelling listen for fans, with cuts from electric guitar into a violin progression.

Sultana’s Flow State takes audiences down a rabbit hole of genres, adding flair from various styles. “Free Mind” is an excellent likeness for R&B while still adding her own grace to the genre used for inspiration. 

Sultana concludes her debut record with “Outro.” “Outro” establishes Sultana’s excellence with the guitar and gives the album its own sense of sophistication. 

Flow State makes for the perfect summertime sadness album and establishes Sultana as a talented producer, vocalist, instrumentalist, and songwriter.

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