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After seven brutal months, NFL football is finally back. 

Yet, after the preseason moments of wild speculation, what -ifs, and pointless exhibition performances, some things never change. Tom Brady and the Patriots keep on winning, despite having arguably their worst wide-receiving core in a decade. The Browns continue to find ways to avoid winning, even if that means tying—hey, at least they’re still undefeated, right? Players continued to kneel at the national anthem—albeit they’re few and far between at this point. While, Aaron Rodgers refuses to lose at Lambeau, even if that means playing on one leg against a new-age Monsters of the Midway. 

But the opening weekend of football festivities wasn’t without its fair share of surprises. After new weapon Khalil Mack unleashed hell on the Packers in primetime, the Chicago Bears actually look like an upstanding organization. King of the journeymen quarterbacks, Ryan Fitzpatrick, outdueled Hall-of-Fame bound Drew Brees, and ripped apart the exciting young Saints defense in the process. Most importantly, at least to me, Case Keenum led the Broncos to victory over the Seahawks with a ballsy, gun-slinging performance. 

Now, I’m not delusional. The Broncos didn’t overpower the dominant Legion of Boom version of the Seahawks D. Without Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril and K.J. Wright, the Seahawks are a mediocre defense at best. Without the superhero performance of Von Miller and company on the defensive end, Keenum probably wouldn’t even had a chance at a game-winning drive. Without the heroics of Colorado kid Phillip Lindsay, and a resurgent Emmanuel Sanders, the offense may have never got going. Not to mention, Keenum made mistakes, plenty of ‘em. What matters is how he responded. 

After throwing three freebie picks, Keenum didn’t hang his head. He didn’t self-destruct like Trevor Siemian, he didn’t pout on the sidelines like Paxton Lynch, he led. After letting Seattle hang around with some awful decisions, Keenum flung a bullet literally through the hands of Seahawks safety Bradley McDougald, the man who had already intercepted him twice, into the hands of Demaryius Thomas for the game winning TD. 

Keenum’s no Brett Favre, and it’s only one game, but dammit, it feels good to have a QB who’s not afraid to throw the football. 

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