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The Call of the Void

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“Finit hic deus”

Recently, I have found myself being a sort of an adrenaline junky when it comes to horror. Ask me a couple of years ago to go watch a scary movie, and my response would’ve been “hell no.” I mean, I never understood why anyone would want to purposefully go see a movie to get scared, but recently I’ve found a sort of thrill in jump scares and eerie, intrusive thoughts that keep me up at night. 

I am a new horror fanatic. So much so, I started writing my own horror novel and have splurged on one too many Stephen King novels.

I have made it a personal goal to watch more classic horror films like Alfred Hitchhock’s  Psycho or Victor Felming’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide.

This past weekend however, I saw the fifth installment of The Conjuring series, most notably titled The Nun. Out of all the movies I’ve seen in this series, The Conjuring was the one that really got me. So much so, I ended up watching  it three times because I love it so much. The others were okay, but I had high hopes for The Nun. 

Frankly, I was disappointed. Not to give out any spoilers, but the plot was weak and it overcompensated itself in jump scares. I just want a nice horror film that will make me die. I’m not asking for much.

After I left the theater, I thought to myself how non-horror Jaleesia would’ve reacted to The Nun. I’d probably be a scary bitch, not going to lie. But as spooky season rolls around, I’ve lined up a couple of films I’m waiting to watch. I’ve never seen any of the Halloween films, but I’m looking forward to the revival coming out in October. Similarily, I’m really excited for IT: Chapter 2, but it doesn’t come out until 2019. So until then, all I can do is  pine for the next big thing that comes  out in horror to feed my new addiction. 

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