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Daily Archives: September 12, 2018

Safta combines traditional and hipster

New Israeli restaurant stuns One might expect Safta, a new Israeli restaurant in RiNo, to be traditional the way many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurants tend to be, with featured regional décor and artwork. Safta’s website describes the restaurant as having influences from the Middle

Review: World of Warcraft expansion

Battle for Azeroth begins The Horde and Alliance are back at it again, in a war reminiscent of the early days of the World of Warcraft mythos when players were first introduced to its expansive lore back in 1994. In the 20+ years that the

CU Denver Online ranks as one of best online schools

The programs have flexibility and diversity CU Denver online programs were recently featured as one of the top online programs in the country. According to the SR Education Group—an organization designed to promote accessible and affordable online university programs—CU Denver was listed as a top

Colin Kaepernick signs new deal with Nike

The deal has created plenty of controversy Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, signed a multi-year deal with Nike, making him the face of their 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign. Despite being out of the NFL since 2016, Kaepernick has been at the

What’s next?

I’ve been a student for about 18 years. And I don’t really remember the few years before I started preschool; so, as far as my mind is concerned, I’ve been a student my whole life. But in May, if all goes according to plan, I