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Nicki Minaj | Queen | Album Review

Young Money/Cash Money/Republic/Universal
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Nicki Minaj’s fourth album Queen has 19 tracks, many being far from memorable. Minaj could have easily made this album more cohesive by limiting Queen to 10 tracks. But while much of the album feels out of place, there are some songs that show a more authentic side to Minaj and other songs that make the listener wonder why she included certain songs. 

The lyrics in “Rich Sex” prove problematic. Minaj is known to empower women by encouraging others to make their own choices and control their own fulfillment. Yet, Lil Wayne raps, “Lil mama said she only fuckin’ on a rich dick / I cum in her face and tell her, ‘Now you lookin’ rich, bitch!” The track seems more sexist than empowering. However, Minaj redeems herself in  “Run and Hide” and “Come See About Me.” 

In the track “Run and Hide,” Minaj raps about having trust issues with the lyrics, “‘Cause it’s been a minute since I trusted somebody / ‘Cause I don’t ever put my trust in nobody,” which helps add a new side to Minaj that fans don’t often see portrayed.

“Come See About Me” is the track that shone through the most. Here, Minaj shows raw emotion when she sings about how she yearns for the love of a man that she can’t have. “I got a lot I wanna say to you / Hate that I could never measure up.” Not only does she let her walls down in this song talking about how she can never measure up, but we see a different side of Minaj, a more relatable side. 

Queen has something for everyone from more traditional rap songs like “Ganja Burn” to R&B tracks like “Thought I Knew You.” Minaj draws people in by creating tracks anyone can enjoy.

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