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Daily Archives: September 12, 2018

Guest column

You know that one episode of SpongeBob where he’s too afraid of getting an iron butt so he stays inside with his best friends penny, chip, and used napkin? That was my life in high school. I have always had severe anxiety, and in high

A Different Arrangement

“Constructivism” My summer was a mess and yet a mild success. With my design internship at a local Squarespace-based design start up, I literally sponged as much knowledge as possible from the established in-house designers. Under a squarespace developer, the graphic designer, and the creative

Footage of remote tribe released

Where is the privacy line drawn? On Aug. 24, the Smithsonian released drone footage of a newly discovered, uncontacted tribe in the rainforest of Brazil. The footage opens with a clearing of trees surrounded by the towering rainforest. Out of the forest appears a speck

The Call of the Void

“Finit hic deus” Recently, I have found myself being a sort of an adrenaline junky when it comes to horror. Ask me a couple of years ago to go watch a scary movie, and my response would’ve been “hell no.” I mean, I never understood

Are emotional support animals overused?

People abuse the privileges Opinion by Haley Frank Animals have the remarkable ability to be loyal companions to humans. Perhaps this bond is why people are abusing the privilege of having an emotional support animal (ESA) when they don’t have a legitimate need for one.


Today I drove through the Rockies’ game-day traffic. I was barely able to merge—twice; once on I-25 and again on Sixth Avenue. I attribute the recent influx in traffic to the legalization of pot. I’m not blaming weed directly, but the recent population growth has

Ye Olde Elk Lodge welcomes Salty to Denver

DIY house shows are alive and kicking Ye Olde Elk Lodge is an old Victorian house located in the Baker district where local DIY concerts sometimes take shape. On Aug. 26, the Lodge hosted out-of-state friends Salty, headed for the coast on their first interstate

Save the environment in the bathroom

Go plastic-less and eco-friendly In the bathroom, a lot of plastic gets used. From shampoo bottles to toothbrushes to hand soap, almost every product uses some form of plastic. It has come to the point where globally, humans buy a million plastic bottles per minute.

Spotify supports female recording artists

Spotify’s EQL program focuses on women Spotify is partnering up with Berklee College of Music and Electric Lady Studios to create a more inclusive and receiving environment for women working in production areas of the music industry. Spotify went on the record on Aug. 15,

Twenty One Pilots | Levitate | Single Review

Fueled by Ramen “Levitate” is the newest single by Twenty One Pilots. Unlike their other songs, there is only rapping involved. The background consists of both synth and drums that somewhat overpower Tyler Joseph’s voice. By doing this, it draws the listener in and invites