Photo: Genessa Gutzait· The Sentry

Photo: Genessa Gutzait The Sentry

As the semester begins, the Student Government Association (SGA) of CU Denver would like to formally welcome all students to campus for the fall semester.

Over the course of the summer, SGA has been working hard to ensure that students are represented and their experience on campus is bettered through a myriad of initiatives.

The Executive initiatives are to increase on-campus minimum student worker wage to $13 an hour by Jan. 1, 2020; have SGA work in the community through service learning projects at least once a month; and bring on professional staff to oversee Greek Life on campus.

The Wellness ADHOC committee’s initiatives are to focus on student wellness by addressing mental/physical wellbeing, student hunger/homelessness, and supporting non-citizen student community members.

College Council is aiming to pronounce student art on campus, create welcoming procedures for incoming international students, create more funding opportunities for research,  and create a student voice in academic funding decisions.

The Student Fee Review Committee is going to garner more student input on allocation decisions and increase spring outreach.

The Student Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board aims to renovate AHEC facilities and increase tri-institutional event collaboration.

Finance and Funding’s initiatives are to create more comprehensive funding policies for SGA members and attend all funded student organization events.

Legislation and Outreach has goals to work on a new Student Worker Council, environmental sustainability initiatives, liaison work from the State Capitol, and have more direct student interaction.

Events and Planning wants to accumulate more student data about event feedback/quality and utilize more committee time to make sure events are staffed fully.

Judicial initiatives include: to accumulate internal SGA data on job quality and retention, increase member wellbeing through data-driven support, and begin election commissioner.

Obviously, SGA is working on a lot of initiatives so far; however, we are committed to listening to the student body. This means that throughout the year, we will take on initiatives that students bring to us.

Listening to the student body is the essence of our position on campus, and we will advocate for the rights and well-being of students throughout the year in any capacity possible. Because of this, please speak to SGA representatives about anything on campus that can be changed. We are here to ensure that change.

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