Lenny Kravitz | Raise Vibrations | Album Review (pre-release)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

It’s been a while since Lenny Kravitz begged to get away, but the pre-release of Raise Vibrations is an amp-up for the full release of his 11th album which is just around the corner on Sept. 7. Kravitz has three songs on the pre-release, and they are an introspective treat. “Low” gets inside his head during a new relationship and has signature funky horns layered in between airy snares and strings mixed in with eager, positive vocals from both Kravitz and a cameo accent from the late Michael Jackson.


“It’s Enough” starts off with the bass chords moving about in a helicopter rhythm throwing the listener into the middle of a war-torn conflict zone. Most notable on this one are the impactful lyrics walking through his frustration with the global state of affairs in a chilled-down melody pointedly getting his point across—it’s enough already. Intolerance of hatred, racism, irreparable damage to our environment, GMO foods, he soliloquies love over hate during a rich, bluesy beat.

Kravitz’s final stop to Raise Vibrations is “5 More Days ‘til Summer,” where he channels an overnight factory worker who is desperately pining for a sunny break. Optimistic tambourines and upward vocal runs take everyone out to the beach-light; that is classic Kravitz. A rainbow-filtered guitar solo reminiscent of “Fly Away” along with some castanet pops offer a cozy, funky hug. 

Kravitz gets us away from the Brit-inspired rock of today and takes us back to his good vibrations, thoughtful lyrics, and weaves deep soul into this new body of work. If the pre-release is anything like the full album, be prepared for the fabulous flair that is timeless, ever-fly Lenny.

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