Greek Life’s push to campus

Illustration: Alex Gomez · The Sentry

Illustration: Alex Gomez · The Sentry
A Positive Change

The non-traditional Greek Life coming to CU Denver will create a huge impact on student life. With the development of a new model of fraternities and sororities, there’s an opportunity to not only be the choice model of 2023, but to  foster a tight-knit family on campus.

In short, fraternities and sororities are portrayed negatively, and this Greek Life stigma has only been worsened with movies like National Lampoon’s Animal House or articles covering the hazing and unfortunate deaths of students. However, CU Denver will hold the groups to a different standard. According to Student Government Association President Matthew Kriese, “Other models of Greek Life are rightfully viewed in a negative light; however, we have an opportunity to uproot the traditionally accepted behavior of Greek Life and instead utilize these communities to support and uphold students who haven’t been traditionally supported or upheld by higher education.”

Greek Life at CU Denver will be directly overseen by the university itself, and as such, it has implemented many rules and obligations for the safety of the students. Subjects such as discrimination, harassment, hostile environment, and retaliation are all considered prohibited conduct. The consequences for breaking any of the rules present in the manual will adhere to the student conduct outlines.

According to the Greek Life manual,  “CU Denver is committed to fostering socially responsible leadership within Greek Life through encouragement of mutual respect, cultural sensitivity, innovation, and community contribution.” Not only that, but they are open and accepting to people of all walks of life, which isn’t something that is readily seen in other forms of fraternities and sororities at universities.

Any event planning for fraternities and sororities must go through CU Denver Greek Life and University Risk Management. This way, there is a greater chance of preventing potential incidents.

Although Greek Life hasn’t been implemented yet, administration is working hard to get everything together. According to Kriese, “Higher administration is discussing bringing on a full-time staff member to oversee the program in Student Life. Once this staff role is made, expansion is ready to begin immediately on campus.”

The Greek Life model for CU Denver has the potential to create a deep-seated community on campus, through uplifting other members both academically and emotionally. This new design can do a lot of good to change the many stereotypes surrounding fraternities and sororities. Even though there cannot truly be a prediction of how things will turn out, CU Denver is working hard to set up a diverse support system that encompasses all students.

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