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Monthly Archives: August 2018


  Cynthia had just shown me the bathroom, and then regaled me with the ethical details of her booking gig. From what I can tell, she books about three or four shows a month. As she goes on, I glance over at my boyfriend who

Should the Oscars award Best Popular Film?

Inclusivity will make the oscars more accessible Opinion by Kennedy Erhart The Academy’s latest category addition to the Oscars, Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film, ultimately makes the award show more inclusive. Statements from people in the industry saying that the addition of the category will

LeBron James’ school of promises

A new hope for education In his small hometown of Akron, Ohio, NBA superstar LeBron James opened the doors to his newly founded I Promise School. Built through the LeBron James Family Foundation and Akron Public Schools, the school will work to educate 240 at-risk

The Milk Blossoms and friends

The Milk Blossoms return from tour The Milk Blossoms, a local experimental group, played a show at Syntax Physic Opera on Aug. 20. They had just returned home from a small tour and were greeted by a mild-mannered audience for their homecoming show in south

Dragon boat team races to glory

Get to know CU’s next big deal It may come as a surprise to some students when they hear that CU Denver has its very own dragon boat team, but it’s a team that’s quickly gaining recognition in the dragon boating world. Dragon boating is

Engineering Department works to clean rivers

It’s time to make the rivers clean again Professor Luis Rafael Sanchez and his students in the CU Denver Mechanical Engineering Department are working on a prototype to help clean waste and debris out of rivers. They began manufacturing the project last February and have recently


Dear NFL, MLB, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, Stop trying to inject feigned morality into your sports, stop trying to legislate phony morality rules into your game, stop trying to lord yourselves as moral authorities.  Stop. In recent years, the NFL and MLB in particular have

Ghost Ship sets sails for silver shores

How one fire affected hundreds of lives On Dec. 2, 2016 there was a fire at Ghost Ship Warehouse that killed 36 people. Its owner, Derick Almena, 48, and creative director, Max Harris, 28, were to face trial for those deaths. The Ghost Ship Warehouse

PAL and FYE help introduce students to campus

Great starting points for first-year students First-Year Experience (FYE), Club Sports, and the Peer Advocate Leaders (PALs) are welcoming first-year students to campus with two events: the First Year Cookout and the CU 411. The First Year Cookout took place on the CU Denver Athletic

AMC developing edible form of chemotherapy

A new grant can result in alternative cancer treatments Thanks to a $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to the Anschutz Medical Campus, cancer patients may be soon eating their chemotherapy at home via edible chemotherapy. Dr. Tom Anchordoquy, a professor at