The War and Treaty | Healing Tide | Album Review

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Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Dynamic husband-wife duo The War and Treaty creates a spectacular and soulful listen for all audiences. Healing Tide, released on Aug. 10, treats listeners to astonishing vocal abilities from both Michael and Tanya Trotter. 

The album, resembling a style of R&B intertwined with gospel and soul, gives listeners a large set of songs that all sound very different from the last. Healing Tide starts off with a slow and soulful ballad, “Love Like There’s No Tomorrow.” The track features a flawless recording style that reverberates along the lines of being recorded in an empty church, adding to the gospel sound of the duo.

 Healing Tide progresses into more upbeat songwriting that is strongly reflected through the Trotters’ vocals. The title track of the album, “Healing Tide,” is a great representation of the couple’s immaculate vocal abilities.

As the album progresses, Healing Tide develops more genres. The country-styled “Hearts” features the flawless vocals of the duo and incredible songwriting with lyrics like, “I’d be lost if I didn’t have you / Just a ball of confusion, a life left in void, that’s what I’d be without you.”

They frequently receive compliments for sounding similar to Ike and Tina Turner; however, with more bass-heavy tracks like “Jeep Cherokee Laredo,” the couple resembles older tracks from the Boston group, Lake Street Dive

The War and Treaty’s frequent use of the gospel genre is heard in songs like “If It’s in Your Heart.” The track begins with the use of a light organ progression that can be heard throughout the song. It quickly progresses into a lyrical solo from Michael Trotter, backed by quiet guitar and percussion. 

The 11-track album moves through various styles and concludes with a slow, quiet ballad to showcase the couple’s wide vocal ranges. “Little New Bern” is a slow ending to a great album, flawlessly depicting the couple’s musical abilities and their love for each other.

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