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The Plot Thickens

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am gay. I am Christian. To many people, this comes across as an oxymoron, but to me, it makes perfect sense. Usually these two very prominent aspects of who I am are perceived as mutually exclusive, but they shouldn’t be. However, it is not the goal of this column to preach (pun not intended) about exclusivity. 

My past week revolved around my faith more than I expected it to. Last Sunday after church, my close friends were all surprised to learn I regularly worship. It was met with what I would consider mixed but positive-leaning reactions. One of the reasons people are surprised to know that I am a practicing Christian, aside from the fact that many millennials do not participate in organized religion, is that I’m gay. Most people assume that someone cannot be both.

The church I attend is not a reconciling church (a church that makes its mission to have a congregation that mostly is LGBTQ peoples and are vocal about their acceptance), but it is an accepting church.

Though I didn’t choose my sexuality (and even if I could, I would still choose to be gay), I did choose to be Christian. I was raised in the church, so it was always expected that I would continue the faith when I became an independent person, but I was still faced with a choice when I was 16. It was a very private moment in which I decided, apart from familial expectations, that I believed in God and would continue this belief even after I moved out.

Because of last Sunday, I spent a lot of free time thinking about my faith and how I should act on it more since it shouldn’t be a surprise. 

Then this past Sunday my parents came to visit me, and we attended church together, bringing everything full circle.

This column has broken my own unspoken rule that I should relate every column to a book or movie, but next week I will discuss my thoughts on religion and sexuality in film. The three specific films I plan to reference are The Miseducation of Cameron Post, which is still in theaters; I Am Michael; and C.O.G., which are both on streaming services. So, consider this a prelude to a more in-depth discussion.

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