Jason Mraz | Know. | Album Review

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Jason Mraz’s newest release Know. returns audiences to his true troubadour vibe of catchy guitar riffs and spot-on street corner rhymes all about knowing love. The album reads as a meet cute where boy-likes-girl-and-asks-girl-out-on-a-date, breezing through 10 tracks song by song.

He kicks it off with the audible love fest “Let’s See What the Night Can Do,” putting the listener smack-dab amid sparkling piano trills and his warm boyfriend vocals. His coaxing tone makes the tune comfortable and desirable. Mraz moves on to a confession of  how he only wants the best for his date (and she deserves it) in “Have it All,” where he professes love on seesaw lyrics while staring googly-eyed at the melody. 

In “More Than Friends,” featuring Meghan Trainor, Mraz fills the background with starlight notes, smooth guitar riffs, and snare snaps behind their adorable duet. It’s the best date ever and it’ll make listeners want to hit repeat, repeat, repeat!

The unsung hero of the album is “Better with You;” people want to be the best version of themselves when in love and Mraz doesn’t hold back in this earworm love note. He spins around sparkling notes while he gives a heartfelt confession about how he feels about his BAE while he’s away—for only a day.

In “Might as Well Dance,” he gives us a zydeco-inspired track where he definitely kicks up the heat and kicks off his pants!

Mraz is back, fresh on the scene after a four-year break up; he’s ready to date and have the listener double-tap a big red heart on every single track.


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