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Iggy Azalea | Survive the Summer | Album Review

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

Iggy Azalea’s new EP Survive the Summer is what most people are calling her comeback; however, this EP is far from a graceful return. 

Every track of this EP lacks originality. The beats are all derivative and drag from one song to the next. Each track has the same old drumline beat, using the same rhythmic foundation made up of a kick drum, snare drum, and claps. But an added bonus is the use of the heavy synth in the background of the drums and the bass guitar.   

Not only are the beats in this EP not original, but many of the lyrics are also what you would find in a generic rap song. For example, in the track “OMG,” which features Wiz Khalifa, he raps, “Smoking on some Sticky Icky / Need a bitch like Iggy / Hit my phone up for a quickie / No shade but I’m picky / Told that bitch to ride my dick.” The song is offensive to women as it degrades and objectifies them, making women out as nothing more than “bitches” and someone who can fulfill a man’s sexual needs. 

This isn’t a surprise seeing that these themes and lyrics have become a reoccurring idea in the world of rap. These types of lyrics are also surprising coming from a woman in the rap industry. Azalea not only lets women be degraded in this song, but she continues to do so on with the song “Kawasaki” in which Azalea herself raps, “She poppin’ pussy, pussy swollen, pop a Motrin now.” Many of these lyrics used in Azalea’s songs makes one feel like women are only viewed as sex objects. 

Overall, this EP had no real cohesiveness. It was a poorly made collection that came off as an attempt to stay relevant after Iggy’s disappearance from the music scene.

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