Big rain at Big Gig 2018

Damp weather and Jared Leto hit Fiddler’s Green

This year’s Big Gig took place on July 15 at its usual spot; Fiddler’s Green Ampitheater. The day was a bit chilly and had a forecast for heavy rain, but nevertheless, at 1:30 p.m. when doors opened for the Locals Only Stage, people were lined up outside to enter. 

Screams sounded all around before the crowd simultaneously slipped into singing “Kings and Queens.” 

For one of their songs, Leto pulled up a guitarist from Colorado, and to everyone’s shock, the gentleman took his moment of fame to propose to his girlfriend on stage with Leto’s help. Some m

Big Gig 2018 continued a long-lived Colorado tradition, packing Fiddler’s Green once again. Photo credit: Olivia Couch

ay have thought Jared Leto went over the top. “I just wish he would’ve saved more time for more songs,” Kat Azarkh, public health major, said. “Stretching each song out to 15 minutes kind of killed the vibe for me.”

Throughout the show, the rain drizzled and poured, but the amount of concert-goers never wavered. Instead, people started selling raincoats and using their blankets on the grass as covers from the weather. But it made no difference, and soon everyone was soaked and still dancing along to the set lists the bands had prepared.   

K.Flay did her set of indie, electronic, hip hop songs and was set up well by Weshley Arms and Lovelytheband. After K.Flay came Walk the Moon. They not only played new songs off their latest album, What if Nothing, but they also played their more classic songs such as “Shut Up and Dance” and “Anna Sun.” Their lead singer, Nicholas Petricca, gave a quick thank you before ending their set by saying, “Be kind to one another.” Coloradans loved that, and the crowd screamed a bit louder before Walk the Moon bowed and exited stage left.

Bands such as L.I.F.T. and Jukebox The Ghost, known for their current hit, “Everybody’s Lonely,” took the stage and wowed everyone with their sets. “Jukebox The Ghost stole the show for me; they were brilliant,” Azarkh said. The main venue opened around 3:00 p.m. and people again were lined up to get in if they weren’t lined up at the merch tables. Unfortunately, due to the rain, the band Two Feet had to cancel, but that didn’t stop the other bands from showing up to a venue that says, “Rain or Shine” on every ticket purchased. 

For those interested in a rewind of the show, #BIGGIG18 has all the fan info you need, and for professional shots of the bands, head to for the concert rewind of not only Big Gig 2018 but Big Gig 2017 too.

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