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Daily Archives: August 17, 2018

The Plot Thickens

Over the summer, I worked as a busser at a pizza restaurant. On my last day, I began thinking about what other summer jobs I would’ve liked to have. My top pick was working at a video store, like a Blockbuster during the 80s or

The Dangerous Art of Blending In

A tough but engaging read The Dangerous Art of Blending In by Angelo Surmelis is a tough read. The book tells the story of Evan, a Greek-American, closeted gay teen as he deals with his physically, mentally, emotionally, and verbally abusive mother, who claims he

Harry Potter’s magic persists

Tattered Cover celebrates 20 years of series Excited gaggles of girls in full robes, cosplayers, and one dad who hadn’t bothered to dress up except for a lightening scar he’d etched on his forehead in red marker all gathered at Denver’s Tattered Cover bookstore for

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Monet paints his way to Denver

A can’t miss exhibit for students The Denver Art Museum (DAM) announced on July 23 that their upcoming landmark exhibition for next year will feature work from Claude Monet.  According to the official announcement, “The exhibition will feature more than 100 paintings spanning Monet’s entire

Ariana Grande | God is a woman | Single Review

“God is a woman” makes for a perfect comeback single from Ariana Grande after her year-long hiatus following the horrific events in Manchester. The second single off her upcoming album, Sweetener, kicks off with a sultry chord progression to create the perfect duet with Grande’s


  I’d have to say this year that I’ve put quite a lot on my plate. Between taking 15 credit hours, being the newly appointed Managing Editor at The Sentry, and currently scouting for another part-time job to meet my financial burdens, it’s safe to


I stand on the dance floor at Ophelia’s, watching the people around me—mostly guys in hip clothes trolling for girls in hip clothes and everyone bobbing to the beat. On stage a guy called Panda Say What is playing. He and my friends, who go


If you’ve ever seen two photographers at the same event, you may have noticed they play a little game I call “Whose Lens is Bigger.” It’s like a dick-measuring contest—but publicly acceptable, and supposedly signals something about one’s artistic merit or level of professionalism or

Eighth Grade is a subtle giant

Indie comedy is full of hard truths If there was ever an authority on the coming-of-age film, Molly Ringwald would certainly be it. So, it would almost be neglectful to not state that Ringwald tweeted that Eighth Grade “is the best movie about adolescence I’ve