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Monthly Archives: August 2018

The Call of the Void

I think it’s funny how in some ice breakers teachers ask you to tell your partner why you’re taking this class or what you’re looking forward to because the default answer majority of the time is: This class is required for me to graduate. As I

Art Supplies

I’m tired of everyone posting crap photos everywhere. And not just a couple—clearly people held down the shutter and then posted everything that came out the other end. Why is it that everyone is a photographer now? More to the point: why is it annoying? 

Kayla Rae | Practice | Single Review

Self Produced In her new single, “Practice,” Denver artist, Kayla Rae’s voice is smooth and soulful. The background consists of a few female vocals and an occasional snap-and-drum beat, which gives off an R&B feel. Throughout the song, there is a pace that varies from

Denver streets are filled with canvassers

A guide on how to keep safe  While walking the streets of Denver, and even on the Auraria campus, canvassers tend to be posted out with tablets at the ready on different sidewalks asking for signatures and donations. The causes vary, but the idea is

The War and Treaty | Healing Tide | Album Review

Strong World Entertainment Rating: 3 out of 5 stars Dynamic husband-wife duo The War and Treaty creates a spectacular and soulful listen for all audiences. Healing Tide, released on Aug. 10, treats listeners to astonishing vocal abilities from both Michael and Tanya Trotter.  The album,

Jason Mraz | Know. | Album Review

Atlantic Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Jason Mraz’s newest release Know. returns audiences to his true troubadour vibe of catchy guitar riffs and spot-on street corner rhymes all about knowing love. The album reads as a meet cute where boy-likes-girl-and-asks-girl-out-on-a-date, breezing through 10 tracks song

How safe is RTD for students on campus?

IT PUTS STUDENTS IN DANGER Opinion by LeShaye Williams The Regional Transportation District, more commonly known as RTD, has described itself as being affordable, easy, and convenient. It is also self-described as safe, although that is false when considering more than just the ride from

Minorities, music, and mental health

How rap calls attention to mental health Rap music has a large influence on setting the trends for what’s cool and acceptable in society. And as it continues to evolve with every new generation, it also continues to set the agenda for what people converse