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Are Celebrity Summits worth the time and money?

Should people really invest in this Comic Con experience?

Denver Comic Con gives people a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet their favorite celebrities and discuss the depths of the morals, themes, and characters that are associated with their beloved comics, movies, manga, and TV shows. With all there is to see and do at Comic Con, meeting a celebrity, or celebrities even, comes with additional costs.

While the panel discussions are free, waiting in line can mean the difference of a couple minutes that guarantees someone a good seat in the front rows or “bleeder seats” in the back. Even so, if someone decides to purchase a speed pass to get first entry to the main event, ticket prices range from $90-$200. Those prices don’t even include a photo-op, which could amount to a supplementary cost of $80-$100. So, is it inherently worth it to go to the Celebrity Summits and get a photo-op?

On the last day of the three-day summit, famous actor David Tennant, known for his roles in the hit show Doctor Who as well as his role as Barty Crouch Jr. in the Harry Potter series, made a guest appearance at the Colorado Convention Center. As people lined up pining for the opportunity to be mere feet away from Tennant, a lot of people had different opinions pertaining to Celebrity Summits. “I think for fangirls/fanboys, it’s worth their money to get a picture with their favorite celebrity. I don’t really mind the lines, I’m just happy to see my favorite celebrity talk. But personally, I don’t think photo-ops are worth it,” said cosplayer Claire who artistically dressed as Rey from the Star Wars franchise. CJ, a cosplayer dressed as T’Chala from Black Panther, had similar opinions. “I think standing in line for the summit is worth it just because it gives audiences a chance to see their favorite celebrities one-on-one and they get to hear them talk. For photos, I think they’re worth it for bigger fans, but personally I wouldn’t buy them.”

For couple Byron and Nicki, the Celebrity Summits didn’t seem to live up to expectations. “I don’t think it’s worth it as far as paying for a photo. It’s intriguing but personally, I wouldn’t do it. The lines are longer than we anticipated and it seems like a lack of preparation on DCC’s part. They should have two sessions so people can be seated more efficiently.” But for Black Friday shopper Lari, she simply had to disagree. “I don’t mind standing in line for David Tennant; I actually purchased tickets to get a photo with him. I mean, me and my brother grew up watching Doctor Who; how often is David Tennant going to be in Denver?”

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