Tyler, The Creator | Okra | Music Video Review

Directed by Wolf Haley

Tyler, the Creator’s latest release is in the shape of a vegetable, and it’s beautiful. “Okra,” is a banger—to say the very least. The music video was released in late March and as far as music videos go, it is cinematically beautiful.

Photo courtesy of YouTube

The video is shown in a split screen, each side depicting a different perspective of Tyler reciting the lyrics, forcing viewers to watch twice—but they’ll definitely want to. It’s cinematically beautiful; the images are clear and crisp and they’re woven between the chorus where “OKRA” flashes across the screen.

The experience lends itself to be sensory overload in the best way possible and showcases the transcendent nature of Tyler’s creativity. It’s interesting, outlandish, and strange—just like Tyler.

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