Lord Huron | When the Night is Over | Single Review

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On April 2, Lord Huron released their single titled “When the Night is Over” as a part of their third upcoming album, Vide Noir. The song sounds similar to another song they produced called, “The Night We Met,” and although the song is beautiful, it feels like a redundant addition to their existing discography.

The song is mellow, complete with smooth guitar riffs, and Bob Schneider’s muddied vocals make for smooth R&B sounds. A medley of instrumentals kicks in at the chorus, which makes the song more uplifting despite its longing and sometimes incomprehensible lyrics. Right as audiences think the song is over when Lord Heron begin to whistle, and the song kicks up again for another two minutes. With a five minute run-time, it really should end at three minutes. But if there’s one thing that can be said, Lord Huron maintains their distinct sound and entrancing charm.

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