Do’s and don’ts of going to concerts

Get the most out of a concert experience
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For as long as live music has been around, concerts have provided a safe space for music fans to let loose and have the time of their lives. In the digital era, it’s easy to get lost in technology rather than  the music itself. However, people can forget social expectations. The following are the do’s and don’ts on proper concert etiquette:

DO have tickets out and ready when in line. No one wants to wait for someone who still has to take the extra few moments to get their ticket out of their bag.

DON’T have cell phones out the whole time. It’s understandable to take a few pictures for a new phone wallpaper, but filming the whole show is unnecessary and annoying to the rest of the audience.

DO be courteous to other people in the audience, especially those who are shorter. Make sure to not step in their line of sight; everyone paid the same price for tickets.

DON’T wear high heels to a show. Especially don’t wear heels to a general admission show that will most likely have some kind of mosh pit. Concerts aren’t a fashion show and no one is impressed. Shoes like Converse or Vans that are flat and close-toed are a lot more considerate to other people and probably won’t hurt as bad afterward.

DO or DON’T show up early. Showing up late will result in that inevitable seat at the back of the venue behind a pillar that no one else wanted. However, this one is entirely dependant on personal preference, as not everyone cares about the opening acts or where they are standing at a show, so show up whenever it’s convenient.

DON’T bring signs or keep yelling the artist’s name to get their attention, they’re a little busy entertaining everyone else in the venue. All of the attendees are there for the same reason; it doesn’t need to be announced to the world over and over again.

DO pick people up if they fall. It’s not always easy to stand back up, especially in mosh pits, so helping others is crucial. This is also a great way to make friends at shows.

DO invest in a decent portable charger for phones. Nothing sucks more than draining the battery during the show and not being able to contact a ride home. Usually, people don’t want to lend their phone to a complete stranger, so just bring a portable charger.

DON’T shove or force someone to mosh unless they want to. Unless someone is in a mosh pit and deliberately wants to be shoved and mosh, leave them be. No one wants to end up with a broken nose after a roundhouse kick to the face in combat boots when they just wanted to calmly enjoy themselves.

DO drink water before and during the show. Passing out in a crowd of however many thousands of people because of dehydration is not the most enjoyable way to end a concert. This is especially important for outdoor summer shows.

DON’T get blackout drunk. Literally, no one likes being vomited on or having alcohol spilled on them when they’re just trying to enjoy the show. Not to mention, being the irritating drunk person that gets forcibly removed from the venue by the nearest security guard will not be a shining moment.

DO have fun and be respectful. This is the most obvious piece of advice. If the audience is lively, the artist will feed off of that and it will be an all around more memorable experience for everyone.

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