The 13th Chime | Baby Jane | Single Review

Record label: Sacred Bones 
Photo courtesy of Bandcamp

The 13th Chime formed in 1980 in the small London overspill town of Haverhill, Suffolk. Born out of the British punk scene, the band released three of the finest and most underrated post-punk singles: “Coffin Maker,” “Cursed,” and “Fire.” They disbanded in 1983. Thirty-four years later and the deathrock group released a new single, “Baby Jane.” Inspired by the film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, the semi-legendary goth group delivers an undistinguished and uninspired punk track. In this new release, Hand isn’t so much singing as he is yelling. The moody croons in their past tracks are replaced with lackluster vocals and pretty okay lyrics. Hand drawls over formulaic guitar riffs in between equally formulaic guitar solos. Maybe the world has aged them or they’ve grown out of the morbid fascinations that molded their gothic musical style of the 80s—either way, the return of a brilliant goth band was somehow disappointing.

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