SGA election candidates

Viewing the executive tickets

Scott Neff is a second-generation student at CU Denver, majoring in business management and communications. He currently serves in the United States Army Reserve, so it’s really important to him to serve US veterans and their families, living by the philosophy that, “We all have an obligation to leave our communities a better place for the future generations.” With that, his top priorities would be to create more internship opportunities for students, serve student veterans by giving them a greater voice in the Senate, ensure that the Office of Veteran Student Services has the resources they need to serve student vets properly, support local businesses while building stronger relationships in the community, and work to increase campus safety by collaborating with law enforcement to develop new safety measures.

Leah Porter grew up in Malaysia and has lived many places all over the world.  Being a non-traditional student, she started school at Arapahoe Community College and transferred to CU Denver after earning her Associates degree in Business Administration. At CU Denver, she’s pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in business management and human resources. Following her Bachelor’s, she hopes to earn a Master’s in higher education. “Everyone deserves a second chance and I aspire to pursue a career in higher education to help people finish college. I’m excited to represent the Business School as a part the College Council advocating for all students.”

Right away in his first year at CU Denver, Matt Kriese jumped into getting involved as much as he could in improving CU Denver for himself and other students. His involvements include having a chair in the non-traditional Greek life initiative and being the Vice-Chair of the First-Year Council. Matt is  proud to be a part of the student organizations, especially the non-traditional Greek life initiative, because it has been the largest Student Government initiative since the Wellness Center project. Through projects like tabling, surveys, and university-wide emails, Matt and the other members of SGA have successfully gotten opinions from over 4,000 students. Matt hopes that being an executive for SGA will continue his passion in representing students and increasing their well-being. “I will increase the student worker minimum wage to 13 dollars an hour. I want to make sure all students feel like they have the best opportunities they can find here,” said Kriese.

Frida Silva is a proud first-generation student and happy to be a part of CU Denver which has a diverse environment where everyone has an entirely different story than hers. Frida wants to contribute as a student leader and work with diverse students who share her passion about equal representation and inclusivity. Frida has successfully completed a project to build all-gender inclusive bathrooms on campus. As she has led the Student Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board, she has negotiated tri-institutional exchanges to ensure that all students at Auraria have their voices heard. She believes that she can make the changes students want to see by representing them in the executive SGA position. She promises to be diligent, striving for both fun and inclusivity at CU Denver and Auraria campus.

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