Panic! At the Disco | Say Amen (Saturday Night) | Single Review

Record label: DCD2 Records
Photo courtesy of Celebmix

Panic! At The Disco’s single, “Say Amen (Saturday Night),” will be on their newest album, Pray for the Wicked. This song is unlike their past work as it isn’t as emo-rock, but rather takes on an increasingly pop direction. This track is a call-back to vocalist Brendon Urie and his Mormon upbringing; yet he lives a life of partying and debauchery in the present day. The beginning of the song bursts out of the gate with a catchy beat, which leads to Urie’s unique and powerful vocals. By layering the driving beats and percussions, it allows the self-reflective lyrics to come to the forefront. This tune will leave, “Oh, it’s Saturday night,” stuck in any listener’s head.

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