Islamiq Grrls & oOoOO | All of Me | Single Review

Record label: Nihjgt Feelings Records
Photo courtesy of Vevo

“All of me” is a perfect collaboration between Islamiq grrrls and oOoOO. The single is set to be on the forthcoming EP, Faminine Mystique, from the duo. The song opens with eerie synthesizers and plucks of an electric guitar. As the song continues on the soft undertone of Islamiq grrrls’ voice, it offers a bone-chilling element to the track with the use of the percussions and the added bonus of the guitar that all help to drown out her voice. Lyrics like, “Burn your heart through dusk till dawn / and I know that you like her / but I won’t let you go / cuz baby I know that were meant to be,” give the listener a sense of unease—the lyrics feel as if she is obsessed with her lover. Every element used in this collaboration between Islamiq grrrls and oOoOO creates a fragmented reality by having the music overpower the voice.

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