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This semester has been keeping me busy—very busy. With creating a weekly newspaper, taking classes packed with assignments, and caring for two big fur babies, one of my biggest fears is having to miss a day due to an accident or illness. And last week, I experienced just that.

As I prepared to return to campus for the Monday following spring break, I found myself trapped on the couch. I was held down by a pressing headache and the inability to stand without feeling an extreme sense of vertigo, and the only way food was willing to pass through my mouth was in the wrong direction. As much as I feared missing school and work, I had to stay home.

I ended up missing three days. The time I spent laying on the couch (aside from sleeping and groaning) was spent thinking about all the work I was missing and all the extra work I would have when I came back. But there was nothing I could do about it. Work was piling up on my mental to-do list and I just had to lay there.

The crazy ending to my story? I’m still alive. The world didn’t end. And my life won’t be set back three days for eternity. I returned to school that Thursday and everything was more or less back to normal. Sure, I have some catching up to do and a little bit bigger of a workload than usual, but missing a few days wasn’t the catastrophe I had expected.

I know school can get overwhelming and feel like there is no time to breathe. But it’s okay to take a step back for a minute every now and then—which is something I was too scared to try before being forced into it by a GI-attacking virus.

Now I’m not saying you should stay home from school every day because it doesn’t matter. But if you do happen to get sick or you need to take a break for a minute, don’t sweat it. Take a breath, take a moment—everything will turn out fine.

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